Maria: New Haven, New York & Boston!

It’s Thursday morning. My alarm rings at 7am. Uh, I don’t like Thursday morning. Do you want to know why? There is a place in New Haven called Black Bear, and they organize a Karaoke  every Wednesday night. As you can imagine, both Law and Business students are very talented singers so we cannot skip this ! And when I say “we”, I mean about twenty people (sometimes even more).

There are a lot of things to do while you are at Yale.  Actually I don’t believe I will have enough time to do everything that I’ve planned. The city is full with young people from all over the world mainly because of the school.  Many nice restaurants, clubs, clothing stores and museums are located in Downtown New Haven.  You just need to choose! Here is another interesting thing. The lollipop and the corkscrew were invented here!  Also, the first hamburger! You could still go and get one! Now how cool is that?

It is worth mentioning the fact that New York City is an hour and a half away. Boston is two hours and a half away. Yale is organizing different trips every weekend so you could never get bored. We spent our second weekend in NYC watching the Yankees baseball game and wandering in Manhattan all day long.  The last train to New Haven leaves at midnight.


Last weekend was reserved for our Boston trip. Back Bay, Newbury Street, Prudential  Center, Boston Common Park, The Freedom Trail…yes, we experienced all of it. For me Boston is so beautiful and sophisticated, that it always reminds me of Europe so I kind of feel at home. Unfortunately one weekend is not enough time to have enough fun and to do all the homework.  On Sunday you could see many worried faces in the residential college. In the end we always manage it somehow.

You know this sweet pain when something amazing is happening in your life but you know it will come to an end soon? This is the way I feel every time when I count how many days we have left until the end of the program.

yankees (2)


Wayne- Summing it Up!

It has been two weeks since my program at Yale ended. I’ve thought long about how this concluding blog post would read. But the fact remains that there’s only so much I can convey in the prescribed word limit and this post will only offer a glimmer of what actually transpired in the five weeks I was at Yale. In my previous post, I spoke about how we spent our time out of class and how we fully soaked in all the many experiences Yale, New Haven and New York offered. In this final post, I’d like to highlight the academic experience of my summer program.

Listed under American Studies, Contemporary Visual Culture in the Americas was one of my two classes at Yale. I believed this class would enhance the Advertising major I’m pursuing back home; however, the fact that I would be studying Art History over the summer gave me cold feet shortly before this class could begin. But, Dr. Enrique Tamés put me at ease in the very first class. Every class of his was as enriching as was entertaining. He constantly strived to ensure we understood each concept clearly and illustrated with many diverse examples along the way. I think it was because of his spontaneity that I looked forward to each class with a lot of enthusiasm. I’ve always maintained that Dr. Tamés was more dynamic than probably all of his young students put together! For my final paper, I explored trends that indicated the resurgence of the Pop Art movement in the Indian subcontinent. I can’t thank Prof. Tamés enough for being an absolutely wonderful and resourceful guide along the way!

With Prof  Tamés in NYC

My other class, Screenwriting, a Film Studies class was taken by Prof. Marc Lapadula. A cheery man, Prof. Lapadula has in the past, taught the likes of Scott Neustadter who went on to write (500) Days of Summer, one of my favorite films! In fact, as a part of my coursework, I also wrote coverage for this film. I couldn’t have been gladder as I immersed myself wholly into this remarkable screenplay. Prof. Lapadula familiarized us with industry conventions and nuances through the course of the five weeks which aided me in completing a short screenplay of my own. The last few sessions saw each student screenplay being ‘workshopped’; a process which calls on others present to analyze and critique the same. This helped each of us identify the weak points of our scripts and guided us in delivering a stronger script.

Yale provides for an invigorating and stimulating academic environment. Every class pushes you to deliver your very best.  At Yale, I’ve met not only some of the most fun people but also some of the most focused and driven people. The study sessions at the Bass Library or at the libraries of Calhoun or Morse ended up being extremely productive, especially because of the various resources that were made accessible. Towards the end, as we neared our submission deadlines, all-nighters seemed like a regular feature as several of us sat together whether in the libraries or common rooms to pore over our study material. But even that in itself was a fun experience which also saw us bonding over buttery food and night walks when a break from hours of study was much-needed. Yale, at night, has a unique charm of its own. Under moonlight, it dons on quite a different avatar. Lounging on the lawns, engaging in conversation under the starlit sky also made for memories.

When I look back, I miss all of it. The friends I made, the classes I took, residing at Calhoun, dining at Morse. I can’t fathom how quickly time flew by, I simply cannot. While I was at Yale, I was constantly asked if I felt homesick. Truth be told, the one and only time I felt sick was on the last day when it finally struck me how quickly the five weeks had ended and it was time to leave. It was all too surreal; if only I could snap my fingers to relive what was one of my most rewarding experiences so far, I would.

Dio: Yale & New Haven

I’m staying at Ezra Stiles College. What I felt when I arrived at Ezra Stiles college for the first time was really stunning. The college  is pretty beautiful and feels safe. The room is cozy and there is living room inside is comfortable. It is easy to find the library and laundry in this college. Yale provide their students with excellent residence colleges to stay!

The dining hall provides the foods for student three times each day. We can choose some from the 3 dinning hall which is provided for summer program, at Ezra Stiles College, Calhoun College or Morse College.  When we finished our morning class, we can choose the closer dinning hall to have lunch.

The Library is magnificent, so huge and marvelous architecture. I felt so comfortable inside to do  some homework, even though I spent a long time in there.

The campus environment is conducive for students to study. The class room in Yale university is similar with the seminar room, less than 10 person per each class. some bigger classes has less than 14 person. I enjoy the class because it felt like  discussion class. and also I enjoy looking out at the buildings in Yale University. Some of these iconic buildings are Harkness Tower, the residence colleges, and the Yale Law School.  They are pretty beautiful.

dio 1

Studying at Yale University this summer is the best decision I ever made, the English courses which I am taking is taught by humorous and incredible teachers. ELI Program which I’m taking this summer has a morning class and afternoon classes. I took some elective classes for my afternoon class in academic coaching, business game, and idiomatic expression class. The classes are so fun and exciting, I don’t want to miss a class!

dio 2

How is New Haven? I like the atmosphere of  New Haven, a little city with a developed transportation facilities, not so quiet but so convenient to live. New Haven is the second largest city in Connecticut. Yale University is exactly placed in the downtown area of New Haven. Lots of a restaurants, small shops, bookstores, and shopping outlets are around the city. And also Connecticut is close to other states, such as New York and  Massachusetts. Just spent less than two hour to New York by car or metro train and about 3-4 hours to Boston.  What  a cozy city it is!

Maria: My first week at Yale

The time flies so fast when you are busy and meanwhile – having so much fun! Can’t believe it’s been a week since my ELI program has started!

Being in another country by yourself, studying a difficult subject in a foreign language, Mom and Dad are not there to support you…I know it sounds scary in the beginning. The truth is that going out of your comfort zone sometimes could be one of the most inspiring and meaningful experiences in your life.

I arrived on Saturday and in the same minute, when I walked through Morse College for the housing check-in, I met Mayra from Ecuador and Domenica from Brazil who immediately became my friends. Every single day I meet bright and amazing people from all over the world – Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, Norway, Venezuela, Canada, China, France, Panama and I can keep going. Every single day has been a new adventure at Yale! maria 1

Our legal class begins at 9am and usually ends around 12:30pm. Professor Sahl keeps us a little bit longer because he wants to give us two Fridays off in order to be able to travel during the weekends. One of the most amazing things about the program is that our teachers understand that big part of our learning process is also to explore the country and the culture. Two afternoons a week we have a Writing Class and another two afternoons,  an Oral Class. Each Tuesday we have a class called “Law, Moral and Professional Responsibility”.  They keep us busy and as our teachers like to say: “that’s not a summer camp for you guys”.

There is always something going on at Yale! Different trips and activities are organized every week so we are never bored. We also celebrated 4th of July with a big barbecue, music, dances and fireworks. Some friends went to NYC, rented an apartment and stayed there for two days. I spent the weekend on Block Island (Rhode Island), laying at the beach and enjoying the beautiful weather.

maria 2

Although I’ve been at Yale for a week it starts to feel like home. I felt so good when I walked through the gate of Ezra Stiles College at 10 o’clock in the evening on Sunday, coming back from my trip, and seeing some of my classmates sitting outside, discussing the homework and planning the next weekend. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will hold for us!

Wayne: Soaking in the Summer!

The chilly weather of the initial weeks and the not-so-occasional rain was something I didn’t really expect to encounter during a summer. I soon got used to things though and Yale began to feel like home in no time. However, time seems to fly by way too quickly. I may sound delusional but I really wish this summer never comes to an end. I’ve had an incredible time so far. My first Sunday at Yale saw me “geocaching” at East Rock. A scavenger hunt with GPS was how I was made to understand what the concept meant. It sounded novel and so I signed up. And what a picturesque place, it is! It was completely worth the long hike. Lunch on a mountain with a splendid view of New Haven was indeed mesmerizing!

With every passing weekend, the events only seemed to top the previous ones. The weekend following East Rock, YSS counselors organized trips to the Apollo Theatre in New York and Camden, New Jersey. We traveled on Saturday to the historic Apollo Harlem to watch Breakin’ Convention, the International Hip-Hop Dance Festival which was being staged in the United States for the first time. To add to that, Apollo Theatre was where Michael Jackson began his career!Visual Culture Class

It was an enthralling experience seeing how the artists performed with perfect synchronization through the different entertaining acts. Sunday took our excitement a notch higher. We were spellbound as we sat through Cirque Du Soleil’s Totem switching continuously between thunderous applause and gaping amazement. It certainly was enchanting!

If you’re in the United States only for a couple of weeks, it’s a safe bet to rely on the planned trips organized by YSS counselors. Sure you’ll want to head to New York or Boston but when you’re here for a short time, you’ll be surprised at how you’ll find time to do quite a bit! I’ve been to New York twice besides the Apollo trip. At New York, while you’re likely to be enraptured by Times Square, do spend some time at the MoMA and Guggenheim museums.  There is no way you’re leaving without a sense of inexplicable wonder, especially after Guggenheim. Also, the ferry that takes you by Ellis Island is a tourist attraction that completely lives up to its hype. I’ve also been to Boston. I didn’t find myself particularly taken up by its crimson allure but it was a pretty place nonetheless.

This is me with the Charging Bull on NYC’s  Wall St.Wall Street

The weekend after Apollo and Cirque, we headed to Broadway for Wicked. Wow, could things get any better? What was even sweeter was that we got the tickets for a steal! Like most planned trips, tickets are priced keeping in mind that most of us are on a budget. Some of the discounts will honestly leave you surprised. The weekend we went to Broadway, there was also a Saturday trip planned to Six Flags, New England.  While I was initially dejected that I slept through it and missed the bus, I ended up checking out a Summer Sidewalk sale on at all Yale shops which I wouldn’t have been able to had I gone on the trip.  Yale canvas shoes for 50% off!  Another time, a night walk took me to Science Hill which is far more beautiful when illuminated by moonlight.

There is always something to do at Yale. Always! Simply walk around and lose yourself to its charm. You never know what hidden gems you’ll discover around.


Dio: My Travel-Getting to New Haven


This is my first time going to United States and it will be my solo travel going abroad. The total time of flight from Indonesia to New York was 24 hours.  I felt so exciting and thrilling, even though a little bit scary.  My flight started start from CGK-Jakarta to JFK-New york via DXB-Dubai by Emirates Airlines. Travel took 8 hours from Jakarta to Dubai, 12 hours from Dubai to New York and 4 hours for connecting flight. I spent along time on board!   Dio 1

I decided to come 2 days before the program started and stay in New York City and then continue to New Haven, CT. I arrived in New York City on  Thursday, June 27.   Fortunately, I got cheap hotel in Long Island City, so close to get into Manhattan.   I used a subway to go there.  I spent one day to explore New York City and used a subway to travel around. The subway in New York is pretty good and the cheapest one.  In New York City, I visited Times Square, Empire States Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Chinatown. New York City is absolutely beautiful!

At June 29th, I continued my travel to New Haven, CT. I took Metro North from Grand Central Station in New York City.  The subway took 2 hours to reach New Haven and at 3 a clock in the afternoon, I checked into housing. Now, I am staying at Ezra Stiles College until the next 6 weeks.

dio 2At June 30th 2013. I came to 246 Church St to register myself in Yale ELI program. I got my Student ID Card,  insurance and some documents which explain clearly about my ELI program.

During this summer, I will take English Academic Course for Undergraduates program and some elective courses in liberal arts and business skill.  My goal for this summer is to improve my ability of speaking English, particularly in pronunciation. I hope I can practice an English conversation as much as possible in American accent. The other goal is improving my English reading and writing skills. And my final expectation is to meet the English requirements for applying graduate degree program, particularly in US universities.  I hope it can be accomplished this summer!

Gautam: My first week here

I’m happy to share the impression from first week of finance class at Yale.

The outstanding architecture and great history of Yale has always been so fascinating.   Also, my friend & alumnus Louis has always inspired me to be the part of the institution.

Furthermore, it giveGautam Pics me immense pleasure to describe about my professor Nancy Fallon; she is an expert and the best!

In addition, talking to my class fellow about making journal entries for our day-to-day expenditures makes my smile bigger.  Obviously I am glad for my savings on transportation, gymnasium and subway.

Awesome weather and beautiful premises is scenic and my trip to Manhattan (NYC) during this past weekend was so much fun.  While in NYC, I visited Rockefeller & the Intrepid.

I am really enjoying my time here.  It is a very nice experience of my life and I look forward for more interaction and activities at Yale.

gaut 2