Introducing Ine: Yale Summer Session

**Ine is a student studying here for Yale Summer Session A & B.

My name is Wilhelmina Castelijns, but people call me Ine. I grew up in a very small Dutch town near the city of Eindhoven where I live right now (although everything in the Netherlands would probably be considered near Eindhoven from an Americans perspective).ine1

I am an Economics student at Tilburg University and plan on finishing my Bachelors degree at the end of this year. Afterwards, I would either like to pursue a Masters degree there called “The Economics of Aging and Retirement” or go for a completely different route and pursue a degree in International Business abroad. Attending Yale University for 10 weeks this summer will hopefully not only give me a great academic experience but also broaden my view when it comes to the opportunities and experiences that such an international education would provide.
I am really looking forward to meet my fellow students, being taught by great professors and see for myself what it takes to be a student at Yale.

In my spare time I like to read a good book, travel, meet up with my friends or tell myself that I work out a lot while I really stay home and enjoy a great meal.

ines2One last note for all future interested international students wishing to apply for a summer at Yale: all those warnings about starting your application on time actually should be taken to heart. Whether it is taking the TOEFL, choosing your courses or asking your home university for permission to use some of them for your curriculum back home; it all takes time. Leave yourself with some to really look forward to the amazing experience that lies ahead.

I know that is what I will be doing this week!


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