Amy: Final Post

It is only three weeks since I stood outside Calhoun College gates excited for what I had in front of me. Now, I have just pasted through the gates for my travel home to Norway.

amy 1

When you live together with other people for three weeks, you quickly build strong friendships. You are together with your friends all the time. During meals three times a day, classes and other activities on campus. Leaving Calhoun College and saying goodbye to the people I have got to know the last couple of weeks was very sad and difficult.
I must honestly say that I wish my program lasted longer than three weeks because I would have loved to stay longer, because of all of the wonderful people around me.

My teachers have been amazing. All of them have been passionate about what they are teaching and they are all very inspiring. The first classes everybody had every morning was reading and writing, and speaking and listening. In my reading and writing course we focused on writing our college application essay, which I found very beneficial. In my speaking and listening class we had presentations and my teacher Mr.Cat always prepared amusing activities for us during class. We often worked together in groups, which made class even more fun.

Two other classes we had during the afternoons was critical thinking and academic coaching. Critical thinking was a great class, because I learned a lot you usually do not learn during high school because it is not an optional class. I also found my academic coaching class being very beneficial because of the good guidance we got according to the list of schools we wanted to apply to and our application form. Later during the day all of the students were offered to attend one or more elective classes. My electives were, the magic of short stories and SAT prep. All of the classes were different, however they all had in common that they prepared us for applying for college and the teachers could not have been better.

Thursday night we had a lovely farewell reception in Woolsey Hall in the president’s room. It was a nice way of ending these wonderful weeks. Everyone took many pictures and we were given our certificates.

amy 2

At last, I want to say that I could not have been happier about the course I have attended at Yale. I want to thank all of the amazing people that I have been surrounded by the last three weeks. It has been incredible meeting all of you, and I hope that I will see many of you again. I have learned a great deal from my classes, however I have learned a lot about different cultures from all of my international friends. I wish you all the best of luck for the future.

Thank You!


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