Dio: My Electives

This summer I’m taking 4 elective classes: Idiomatic Expression, Business Games, Academic Coaching and Pronunciation. I’m going to tell you about my summer experience. The classes are awesome & the teachers are amusing. They teach with their own style, which are all different from each other.

Business Games

The teacher for this class is Kirk T. Hughes. The most interesting part of this class is playing the games. Every class I feel so excited. The Ball game, Business simulation, vowel dance, and Interviewing is some of the subjects in this class. This class teaches us how to build our interpersonal and communication skills in the business field, beyond analyses of cost and benefits.


 Idiomatic Expression

My teacher Susan Weldon, She is a nice person. I like the way when she is teaching, such as role play on the stage. I have learned a lot of new vocabulary, especially in American idiomatic. I practice it in the class with my friends and also the teachers will correct our wrong pronunciation. In my opinion, this class is important because I try to understand the meaning of each idiomatic expression, which lots of people in America use idioms in their daily activity.


Actually, I didn’t take the pronunciation class before one of my teachers suggested me to take the pronunciation class because my speaking is fast and hard to understand. I decided to take evening pronunciation class. And the teacher is Kelly Nedwick, she is also my teacher in Academic Coaching. I miss two pronunciation class in the beginning of program. After asking to enter the pronunciation class, she immediately give me the response and attach the homework which I have to do. It was surprised, because the deadline is on the same day she reply my email. What a wonderful world. This is not summer break for me, this is my summer work!  I’m studying a lot at Yale. The pronunciation class is so nice and relaxed with her humor.

The class is teaching me how to sound like American, particularly in northeast American style. The first class I learn how to pronounce P,T,K with voiceless sound and B,D,G with voiced sound. We learn also how to pronounce TH in the right way and the past verb “ed”. I found a lot of my own mistakes on this subject. I think the class is quite important for me.

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching class guides us to the further education, especially in graduate program. Kelly teaches us what we should do to prepare our graduate application in United States, preparing essays and trying to solve the GRE and GMAT test. She gives us advice from her academic experience and what should we consider for our academic career. The class helps to prepare our application for a graduate program.


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