Amy: First Impressions

It is hard to believe that I have already been at Yale for a week!

When I arrived at Calhoun College on Saturday I must admit that I was a little nervous. The nervous feelings quickly disappeared when I opened the door to my dorm and met my American roommate, Lauren. She showed me around the campus and I met a lot of new people! I was quickly amazed by the area around the campus and all the beautiful buildings!

pic 2

My course started on Monday where I met all my fellow students who also were attending the University prep course. We are a group of students from Sweden, Germany, Monaco, France, Kazakhstan, Italy, Venezuela and many other countries. We have become a great group and I find it really interesting sharing and learning about the different cultures and traditions!

pic 3
Since we are in a university prep course we are going to visit different universities every week. This Thursday we went to the University of Connecticut. We were split up into groups and toured around the very large campus accompanied by the local students. It was very interesting looking around the school and very informative regarding the school’s offering.  It was also very inspiring to talk to the students about what they liked most about their school.

After this University visit, we went to the Yale Outdoor Education Center for a barbecue. When we arrived back, everyone was so hungry that we rushed out of the buses to the dinner awaiting us.  Even though it was raining and the temperature was a lot lower than usual, we had a lovely time! The brave ones even went for a swim in the lake, which was actually pretty warm compared to the air temperature.

pic 4

When you are staying at Yale, there is always something going on. There are many different activities organized on campus such as Ping-Pong tournaments, movie nights, trips to the mall, trips to the beach and many more! There are also many great places around the campus where you can go and eat or just enjoy a dessert. During the weekends we do not have any classes, so tomorrow I am going to Boston which I am very excited about! My first week here has been just amazing. The course, the campus and all the friendly people here have really made an impression and I am really looking forward to my next two weeks! 🙂


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