Maria: New Haven, New York & Boston!

It’s Thursday morning. My alarm rings at 7am. Uh, I don’t like Thursday morning. Do you want to know why? There is a place in New Haven called Black Bear, and they organize a Karaoke  every Wednesday night. As you can imagine, both Law and Business students are very talented singers so we cannot skip this ! And when I say “we”, I mean about twenty people (sometimes even more).

There are a lot of things to do while you are at Yale.  Actually I don’t believe I will have enough time to do everything that I’ve planned. The city is full with young people from all over the world mainly because of the school.  Many nice restaurants, clubs, clothing stores and museums are located in Downtown New Haven.  You just need to choose! Here is another interesting thing. The lollipop and the corkscrew were invented here!  Also, the first hamburger! You could still go and get one! Now how cool is that?

It is worth mentioning the fact that New York City is an hour and a half away. Boston is two hours and a half away. Yale is organizing different trips every weekend so you could never get bored. We spent our second weekend in NYC watching the Yankees baseball game and wandering in Manhattan all day long.  The last train to New Haven leaves at midnight.


Last weekend was reserved for our Boston trip. Back Bay, Newbury Street, Prudential  Center, Boston Common Park, The Freedom Trail…yes, we experienced all of it. For me Boston is so beautiful and sophisticated, that it always reminds me of Europe so I kind of feel at home. Unfortunately one weekend is not enough time to have enough fun and to do all the homework.  On Sunday you could see many worried faces in the residential college. In the end we always manage it somehow.

You know this sweet pain when something amazing is happening in your life but you know it will come to an end soon? This is the way I feel every time when I count how many days we have left until the end of the program.

yankees (2)


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