Dio: Yale & New Haven

I’m staying at Ezra Stiles College. What I felt when I arrived at Ezra Stiles college for the first time was really stunning. The college  is pretty beautiful and feels safe. The room is cozy and there is living room inside is comfortable. It is easy to find the library and laundry in this college. Yale provide their students with excellent residence colleges to stay!

The dining hall provides the foods for student three times each day. We can choose some from the 3 dinning hall which is provided for summer program, at Ezra Stiles College, Calhoun College or Morse College.  When we finished our morning class, we can choose the closer dinning hall to have lunch.

The Library is magnificent, so huge and marvelous architecture. I felt so comfortable inside to do  some homework, even though I spent a long time in there.

The campus environment is conducive for students to study. The class room in Yale university is similar with the seminar room, less than 10 person per each class. some bigger classes has less than 14 person. I enjoy the class because it felt like  discussion class. and also I enjoy looking out at the buildings in Yale University. Some of these iconic buildings are Harkness Tower, the residence colleges, and the Yale Law School.  They are pretty beautiful.

dio 1

Studying at Yale University this summer is the best decision I ever made, the English courses which I am taking is taught by humorous and incredible teachers. ELI Program which I’m taking this summer has a morning class and afternoon classes. I took some elective classes for my afternoon class in academic coaching, business game, and idiomatic expression class. The classes are so fun and exciting, I don’t want to miss a class!

dio 2

How is New Haven? I like the atmosphere of  New Haven, a little city with a developed transportation facilities, not so quiet but so convenient to live. New Haven is the second largest city in Connecticut. Yale University is exactly placed in the downtown area of New Haven. Lots of a restaurants, small shops, bookstores, and shopping outlets are around the city. And also Connecticut is close to other states, such as New York and  Massachusetts. Just spent less than two hour to New York by car or metro train and about 3-4 hours to Boston.  What  a cozy city it is!


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