Maria: My first week at Yale

The time flies so fast when you are busy and meanwhile – having so much fun! Can’t believe it’s been a week since my ELI program has started!

Being in another country by yourself, studying a difficult subject in a foreign language, Mom and Dad are not there to support you…I know it sounds scary in the beginning. The truth is that going out of your comfort zone sometimes could be one of the most inspiring and meaningful experiences in your life.

I arrived on Saturday and in the same minute, when I walked through Morse College for the housing check-in, I met Mayra from Ecuador and Domenica from Brazil who immediately became my friends. Every single day I meet bright and amazing people from all over the world – Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, Norway, Venezuela, Canada, China, France, Panama and I can keep going. Every single day has been a new adventure at Yale! maria 1

Our legal class begins at 9am and usually ends around 12:30pm. Professor Sahl keeps us a little bit longer because he wants to give us two Fridays off in order to be able to travel during the weekends. One of the most amazing things about the program is that our teachers understand that big part of our learning process is also to explore the country and the culture. Two afternoons a week we have a Writing Class and another two afternoons,  an Oral Class. Each Tuesday we have a class called “Law, Moral and Professional Responsibility”.  They keep us busy and as our teachers like to say: “that’s not a summer camp for you guys”.

There is always something going on at Yale! Different trips and activities are organized every week so we are never bored. We also celebrated 4th of July with a big barbecue, music, dances and fireworks. Some friends went to NYC, rented an apartment and stayed there for two days. I spent the weekend on Block Island (Rhode Island), laying at the beach and enjoying the beautiful weather.

maria 2

Although I’ve been at Yale for a week it starts to feel like home. I felt so good when I walked through the gate of Ezra Stiles College at 10 o’clock in the evening on Sunday, coming back from my trip, and seeing some of my classmates sitting outside, discussing the homework and planning the next weekend. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will hold for us!


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