Wayne: Soaking in the Summer!

The chilly weather of the initial weeks and the not-so-occasional rain was something I didn’t really expect to encounter during a summer. I soon got used to things though and Yale began to feel like home in no time. However, time seems to fly by way too quickly. I may sound delusional but I really wish this summer never comes to an end. I’ve had an incredible time so far. My first Sunday at Yale saw me “geocaching” at East Rock. A scavenger hunt with GPS was how I was made to understand what the concept meant. It sounded novel and so I signed up. And what a picturesque place, it is! It was completely worth the long hike. Lunch on a mountain with a splendid view of New Haven was indeed mesmerizing!

With every passing weekend, the events only seemed to top the previous ones. The weekend following East Rock, YSS counselors organized trips to the Apollo Theatre in New York and Camden, New Jersey. We traveled on Saturday to the historic Apollo Harlem to watch Breakin’ Convention, the International Hip-Hop Dance Festival which was being staged in the United States for the first time. To add to that, Apollo Theatre was where Michael Jackson began his career!Visual Culture Class

It was an enthralling experience seeing how the artists performed with perfect synchronization through the different entertaining acts. Sunday took our excitement a notch higher. We were spellbound as we sat through Cirque Du Soleil’s Totem switching continuously between thunderous applause and gaping amazement. It certainly was enchanting!

If you’re in the United States only for a couple of weeks, it’s a safe bet to rely on the planned trips organized by YSS counselors. Sure you’ll want to head to New York or Boston but when you’re here for a short time, you’ll be surprised at how you’ll find time to do quite a bit! I’ve been to New York twice besides the Apollo trip. At New York, while you’re likely to be enraptured by Times Square, do spend some time at the MoMA and Guggenheim museums.  There is no way you’re leaving without a sense of inexplicable wonder, especially after Guggenheim. Also, the ferry that takes you by Ellis Island is a tourist attraction that completely lives up to its hype. I’ve also been to Boston. I didn’t find myself particularly taken up by its crimson allure but it was a pretty place nonetheless.

This is me with the Charging Bull on NYC’s  Wall St.Wall Street

The weekend after Apollo and Cirque, we headed to Broadway for Wicked. Wow, could things get any better? What was even sweeter was that we got the tickets for a steal! Like most planned trips, tickets are priced keeping in mind that most of us are on a budget. Some of the discounts will honestly leave you surprised. The weekend we went to Broadway, there was also a Saturday trip planned to Six Flags, New England.  While I was initially dejected that I slept through it and missed the bus, I ended up checking out a Summer Sidewalk sale on at all Yale shops which I wouldn’t have been able to had I gone on the trip.  Yale canvas shoes for 50% off!  Another time, a night walk took me to Science Hill which is far more beautiful when illuminated by moonlight.

There is always something to do at Yale. Always! Simply walk around and lose yourself to its charm. You never know what hidden gems you’ll discover around.



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