Dio: My Travel-Getting to New Haven


This is my first time going to United States and it will be my solo travel going abroad. The total time of flight from Indonesia to New York was 24 hours.  I felt so exciting and thrilling, even though a little bit scary.  My flight started start from CGK-Jakarta to JFK-New york via DXB-Dubai by Emirates Airlines. Travel took 8 hours from Jakarta to Dubai, 12 hours from Dubai to New York and 4 hours for connecting flight. I spent along time on board!   Dio 1

I decided to come 2 days before the program started and stay in New York City and then continue to New Haven, CT. I arrived in New York City on  Thursday, June 27.   Fortunately, I got cheap hotel in Long Island City, so close to get into Manhattan.   I used a subway to go there.  I spent one day to explore New York City and used a subway to travel around. The subway in New York is pretty good and the cheapest one.  In New York City, I visited Times Square, Empire States Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Chinatown. New York City is absolutely beautiful!

At June 29th, I continued my travel to New Haven, CT. I took Metro North from Grand Central Station in New York City.  The subway took 2 hours to reach New Haven and at 3 a clock in the afternoon, I checked into housing. Now, I am staying at Ezra Stiles College until the next 6 weeks.

dio 2At June 30th 2013. I came to 246 Church St to register myself in Yale ELI program. I got my Student ID Card,  insurance and some documents which explain clearly about my ELI program.

During this summer, I will take English Academic Course for Undergraduates program and some elective courses in liberal arts and business skill.  My goal for this summer is to improve my ability of speaking English, particularly in pronunciation. I hope I can practice an English conversation as much as possible in American accent. The other goal is improving my English reading and writing skills. And my final expectation is to meet the English requirements for applying graduate degree program, particularly in US universities.  I hope it can be accomplished this summer!


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